Japanese Culture Course #1 Wa, Harmony : Hitotsubashi ICS MBA

On November 11th, the Hitotsubashi ICS Japanese Culture Class kicked off with 20 students from 10 countries. After a lecture to learn about the history and concept of “Wa (harmony)” and “Omotenashi (hospitality)”, we had a tea ceremony experience at Mejiro-teien. After the formal ceremony, the students took the bamboo whisk themselves to make tea for their classmates. Through discussion with tea masters, students learned about the hard work behind-the-scenes to embody the spirit of “Omotenashi”. A sincere thank-you to Tea Masters Ms. Kawashima, Ms. Nozaki, Ms. Goeku, Mr. Yamane, Ms. Enomoto, Ms. Sawa, and Ms. Yoshiya for this wonderful experience. We will treasure every encounter through this journey with the spirit of “Ichigo-ichie”!

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