Japanese Culture Course #3 Setsu, Milestones and Seasons: Hitotsubashi ICS MBA

On November 26th, the Hitotsubashi ICS Japanese Culture Class experienced Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement, at a historical Japanese house in Ueno with Ms. Seisho Okudaira, the Heiress of the Sekiso-ryu school of Ikebana. The Sekiso-ryu school is in charge of the famous Ikebana pieces at Hotel Okura and Aman Tokyo. After watching her Hana-shomou, the live Ikebana performance, students worked on their own pieces in tranquility, not only working on their pieces but also on cultivating their minds. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Ms. Seisho Okudaira for her guidance and her special session on Ikebana fortune telling!
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