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Celebrating Setsubun, the coming of spring, with Tea Ceremony

Date: February 3, 2017 Day of Setsubun!
Time: 10:00-12:30
Venue: To-Ri-An Tea Ceremony Academy in Meguro-ku at Toritsu-daigaku station on Tokyu Toyoko Line. (10 minutes from Shibuya)
Registration: Email wanavi.japan@gmail.com by Jan. 27
Fee: 6,000 yen

Setsubun is the last day of winter in the old Japanese calendar, and the Japanese people celebrate it to scare away the Oni (evil) and welcome in spring as well as good luck.

Join us for this special opportunity to celebrate Setsubun through Chado. Developed by a strong influence of zen buddhism, experiencing Chado will allow you to calm your mind and body. Please take this opportunity to escape your busy lives and quietly reflect upon yourselves.

We will also experience a special Japanese confectionary making to go along with you tea.

Our teachers, Mr. Soei Funakoshi and Ms. Soai Kawada are the founders of the To-Ri-An Tea Ceremony Academy in Meguro-ku, Tokyo. They have many students of various ages learning the Way of Tea, from children to more experienced learners. Together, they also welcome many international guests from around the world, and their lessons in English are very popular.

We truly hope this experience will help you discover a new aspect
of Japanese culture that will enrich your daily lives.

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