2 thoughts on “(English) Demystifying Health Care in Japan, Part 1: Types of Health Insurance

  1. Agustin 返信する

    Hello! Thanks for the information. I see that pre existing conditions are covered as well.
    In my case, im planning to study and live in japan from next year. The thing is that im going through a surgery in my country were im getting metal implants inside my chest for a couple of years, so i’ll have this implants in while living in japan. In case of anything goes wrong with this, would that be covered too? Even having the implants removed in a situation of emergency?
    Thank you very much!

    • WaNavi Japan 投稿者返信する

      Hello Agustin, thank you for your comment. This is Jordan from WaNavi Japan.

      Unfortunately we are not medical professionals, so we don’t have enough knowledge to answer your question properly. We recommend investigating some resources that specialize in medical information where you may be able to request a direct consultation about your needs:
      Japan Healthcare Info offers interpretation, searching for English speaking doctors and hospitals, and other medical support services: http://japanhealthinfo.com/
      Himawari Medical Information is a service of the Tokyo city government, which offers search options for various medical services in English, Chinese, and Korean as well as Japanese: https://www.himawari.metro.tokyo.jp/

      I’m sorry we couldn’t provide a more direct answer to your question, but I hope one of the above resources will be helpful. Best of luck with your surgery and we hope you have a happy and healthy stay in Japan.


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