Disaster Preparedness

Disaster prevention and preparedness is the core theme of our organization since our founding in 2011 after the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster. We have conducted various types of Disaster Preparedness workshops collaborating with municipal governments, embassies, corporations, parent associations, community associations, and international schools. We can tailor our workshops to meet specific needs for various audiences from children to adults. Please contact us for details.

Earthquake Preparedness Workshop (Standard)2.5 hoursThis is our standard workshop, which is a good balance of information and interaction. The workshop covers 7 steps to empower yourself including a disaster-related Japanese language lesson and exercise.
1. Know How to React to Earthquakes
2. Acquire Earthquake Literacy
3. Collect Information
4. Get Connected with Your Loved Ones
5. Understand Hazards and Evacuation Shelters/Areas in Your Neighborhood
6. Secure Your Home
7. Prepare Your Emergency Kit
Earthquake Preparedness Workshop (Basic)1.5 hoursThis is an information session including 7 steps to empower yourself but without the Japanese language lesson and exercise.
Earthquake Preparedness for Travelers 1 hourThis workshop, specifically designed for those traveling within Japan, provides essential knowledge in order to save yourself in the event of a disaster when away from home.
Available on request for travelers upon arrival to Tokyo.
Earthquake Preparedness Workshop for Families3 hoursThis is a workshop for families that includes games and activities to engage the entire family.
Training Multi-lingual Volunteers3 hoursMainly for municipalities, this is a training session for multi-lingual volunteers to become ready to help international residents in the event of a disaster.
Additional Options
Earthquake Preparedness Shopping Tour1.5 hoursWe take participants on a tour to the home goods stores to shop for disaster prevention products and supplies.
Hazard Map Making Activity2 hoursMainly for students, this activity allows participants to understand at a deeper level hazards and resources in their neighborhood.
Earthquake Preparedness Games and Activities1-2 hoursMainly for students and families, these games and activities will allow participants to learn through fun.
Emergency Communication System for Organizations1-2 hour meeting + emailsMainly for schools and community organizations, we provide assistance in setting up communication methods and protocols for use in the event of an emergency
Bilingual Emergency DrillHalf dayMainly for corporations, resident groups, and municipalities who wish to conduct emergency drills inclusive of international residents.

Life Skills and Critical Japanese Language Lessons

Healthcare Workshop2.5 hoursThis workshop aims to demystify the Japanese healthcare system and will help participants understand:
– the overall healthcare system in Japan and know what to expect
– the options available for consulting doctors and specialists
– how to call for an ambulance and navigate emergency hospitals
– the Japanese vaccination system and how to access it
– over-the-counter (OTC) medicines available in Japan
Food Safety and Healthy Eating Workshop2.5 hoursThis workshop aims to give participants a better understanding of shopping for food and eating out in Japan. This workshop will help participants understand:
– how to read food labels in Japan
– how to find the food source on labels
– critical Japanese for checking allergens
– Japanese tips on healthy eating, etc.
Working in Japan WorkshopVaries according to needsThis workshop is mainly for foreigners seeking employment in Japan and focuses on the critical survival language skills required in work scenarios. It also aims to promote a deeper understanding of work culture in Japan.


WaNavi Japan offers Japanese cultural events for everyone to enjoy. Our events are designed to provide an authentic experience for international participants and a delightful rediscovery for Japanese participants. For families, we offer bilingual workshops for the entire family to enjoy with different themes according to the season. International and Japanese families together learn the customs, history, background, and cultural meaning of each event. For adults, we offer a combination of a lecture and field visit/tour for a deeper understanding of Japanese culture. We can tailor our cultural workshops to meet specific themes and seasonal events. Please contact us for details.

For Families

Setsubun Workshop
2-3 hours (including lunch)Together we celebrate Setsubun, a festive event to welcome spring, held on the last day of winter. Includes stories, crafts, and songs.
For children 3 years and older.
Hinamatsuri Workshop
2-3 hours (including lunch)Hinamatsuri, Girl’s festival, is a day to celebrate girls with Hina dolls, Chirashi-zushi, and sweets. Includes stories, crafts, and songs.
For children 3 years and older.
Tanabata Workshop
2-3 hours (including lunch)Tanabata, the Star festival is celebrated by decorating bamboo branches with ornaments and wishes. Enjoy a day in a historical Japanese temple. Includes stories, crafts, and songs.
For children 3 years and older.
Otsukimi Workshop
2-3 hours (including lunch)Otsukimi, the moon viewing festival, celebrates the harvests of autumn in the clear, moon-lit sky. Includes stories, crafts, and songs.
For children 3 years and older.
Osechi Workshop
4 hours (including lunch)Osechi is the authentic Japanese cuisine for celebrating the New Year. Each dish is full of cultural meaning. Together with the children, adults will enjoy cooking these festive Japanese dishes.
For children 6 years and older.

For Adults

Sado, Japanese Tea Ceremony Experience2-3 hoursBy attending a lecture before the tea ceremony experience, participants gain a deeper understanding of the tea ceremony and its significance in Japanese culture.
Zen Meditation Experience in Kamakura2-3 hoursEscape the hustle of the city and experience a tranquil day at Engaku-ji, one of the most prestigious zen temples in Japan.
Japanese Etiquette Lessons2-3 hoursOgasawara-ryū etiquette is a traditional Japanese form of martial arts and etiquette handed down for nearly 1,000 years by the Ogasawara Clan. Participants will attend a lecture to learn about the history and background of the Ogasawara-ryū before going to the Ogasawara training house for a session from the Master himself, Kiyomoto Ogasawara.
Ikebana, Japanese Flower Arrangement Experience2-3 hoursEnjoy Ikebana through guidance from Ms. Seisho Okudaira, the Heiress of Sekiso- ryū flower arrangement.
Harajuku Kawaii Tour2 hoursLearn the origins of the Kawaii culture in Japan and explore the Kawaii world in Harajuku.
Kabuki Viewing Tour3-5 hoursAfter a brief lecture on how to enjoy Kabuki, participants will join a Kabuki viewing.
Hina Doll Shopping Tour2 hoursParticipants will explore the town of Ningyo-cho, (literally, “doll town”) to learn about and shop for Hinamatsuri dolls.
Ohanami Luncheon (Cherry Blossom Viewing)2 hoursA luncheon to enjoy the full blossoms of the Sakura, the cherry tree. Learn about the different varieties of cherry blossoms, how the Japanese celebrate, and the history of cherry blossoms in Japan.
Yukata Shopping Tour2 hoursExplore the different types of Yukata, the casual, cotton kimono worn in the summer. Shop and get ready for the summer festival season!
Japanese Dishware Tour2 hoursLearn about the variety of dishware that makes Japanese cuisine more enjoyable. Explore dishware shops in Aoyama to look for your own favorite dish.

Translation and Interpretation Services

WaNavi Japan offers high-level translation services that include native checking and editing. Our reputation for attention to detail and nuance are highly appreciated by our clients. At WaNavi Japan, we think this precision and cross-cultural expertise is particularly important in translating cultural documents. We also provide interpretation services and we have interpreted many cultural events such as cooking lessons, zen meditation sessions, and Japanese etiquette lessons. Please contact us for details.

Past Translation Projects