WaNavi Japan provides a number of helpcards meant to be filled out and carried with you to provide on-the-go support for you and your family’s needs. These helpcards are provided at relevant workshops or can be printed out for free from the PDFs below:

Disaster Preparedness Helpcard
Disaster Preparedness Helpcard (en Français)
Earthquake Kit & Stockpile List

Childcare Helpcard

Food Helpcard

Healthcare Helpcard

For those with dietary restrictions or just missing food from their home country, please see our up-to-date list of online and offline shopping options by dietary needs:

Food Resources & Shopping Options in Japan

If you are looking for an organization or charity in Japan to contribute to after a disaster, please see our Disaster Relief Charities and Organizations page.

For a comprehensive guide to disaster preparedness for earthquakes, typhoons and heavy rain, landslides, tornadoes, heavy snow, volcanic eruptions and other potential emergencies, you can see the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s “Tokyo Bousai” PDF guide in the following languages:


Hard copies may also be available at your local ward office.