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About Us

Our Vision, Mission, and Values

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Since 2011, WaNavi Japan has been empowering the international community to work and live comfortably and  confidently in Japan through workshops and trainings to understand Japanese culture, society, and its people. The inspiration for our work comes from the events that deeply affected Japan with the Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster on March 11, 2011 and the dislocation and concern experienced by international residents in Japan. 

The scope of our work has broadened each year, and we have had the pleasure of connecting with thousands of people from around the globe. The thought we have come to strengthen and cherish with each encounter is that no matter the color of your skin or which part of the globe you happen to be from, we all share something very fundamental and universal as human beings.

We envision a world where

  • we are valued for who we are.

  • we celebrate diversity and create connections in harmony.

  • we share and learn from lived experience and cultural heritage for harmony.

With the wisdom we have accumulated from our personal journeys, studies, and training experiences, we create tailored shared learning experiences that create a genuine connection with yourself and others. We aspire to create a safe and inclusive space for all to live and connect in harmony.

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We create shared learning experiences to live and connect in harmony.


We value creating an inclusive space for all.

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