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The Japanese culture experience has two components - a lecture on Japanese culture, followed by an authentic Japanese culture experience. 


The lecture aims to unravel the roots of Japanese culture, and dives deep into concepts unique to Japan. The lecture also acts as a steppingstone for an authentic Japanese culture experience by covering the history, mannerisms, and philosophy of each form of art the students will experience. 


Participants have access to the top masters in each field, and the dialogue with the masters, along with the very authentic cultural experience creates a very profound and rich once-in-a-lifetime encounter. 

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Case Study

Japanese Culture Team Building for 
Corporations & Higher Education


DAY 1 

  • 10:00  Lecture on Japanese Culture

  • 12:00  Lunch Break 

  • 13:00  Travel to Engakuji Temple 
               (zen temple in Kamakura)

  • 14:00  Zen Meditation Experience

  • 15:00  Q&A with Zen Priest

  • 15:30  Sharing of experience

  • 16:00  Closing


  • 10:00  Lecture on Japanse Culture Part2

  • 12:00  Lunch Break 

  • 13:00  Ikebana, Japanese flower arrangement

  • 15:00  Sharing Experiences

  • 15:30  Closing

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Quiet the mind and immerse yourself in tranquility at prestigious zen temples in Japan. In addition to zen meditation, open dialogues with zen priests about the zen philosophy, nature, life, and the universe adds richness to the zen experience.

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The way of Tea – Tea Ceremony Experience

Awaken your five senses in an authentic tea ceremony experience. Sadō, the way of tea, is a holistic form of Japanese art, where we immerse ourselves in the tea, the confectionary, the flowers, the calligraphy, the incense, and the sounds of the atmosphere, all curated by the tea master to welcome you wholeheartedly.

WaNavi Japan_Kado_Flower.jpeg

The way of Flowers – Japanese Flower Arrangement Experience

Kadō, The way of Flowers – Ikebana Japanese Flower Arrangement Experience - WaNavi Japan A

Experience the art of subtraction with Kadō, the way of flowers. Create a Kadō piece of your own, connecting with the true essence of the flowers. Each Kadō piece reflects the characteristics, traits, aspirations, and the life stage of the creator, which allows for deep self-contemplation.

The WaNavi Japan - The Shodo Japanese Calligraphy Experience.JPG

The way of Callgraphy - Japanese Calligraphy Experience

Shodō The way of Calligraphy - WaNavi Japanese Calligraphy Experience.png

Allow your soul to appear in your calligraphy piece through Shodō, the way of calligraphy. Eliminate noise from your daily life by focusing on the ink and washi paper, allowing your true nature to appear in ink.


The Bushidō Experience

Rei - The Bushidō Experience - WaNavi Japan_edited.jpg

Learn the essence and embodiment of leadership from 32nd generation heir to the Ogasawara household, Kiyomoto Ogasawara. The Ogasawara Family served as instructors of archery, mounted archery, and etiquette to generations of Shōguns. The teachings of the Ogasawara family have been passed down from father to son for over 850 years

WaNavi Japan Noh Traditional Theater Experience_edited.jpg

Experience the Traditional Japanese Theatre

Noh – Traditional Japanese Theatre Experience - WaNavi Japan.jpg

Delve into the wonderful world of Noh and wander between this world and the other side with the timeless and dramatic power of Noh theatre. You will enjoy a private lecture and performance by Noboru Sano, actor of the Hōsho School of Noh in his private Noh studio.

WaNavi Japan - Washoku - Authentic Japanese cooking Experience.jpg

Washoku - The Japanese Cooking Experience

Authentic Japanese Cooking Workshop  - WaNavi - Japanese Culture.jpg

Revel in the many layers of sophisticated taste of Japanese cuisine. Learn about traditional ingredients, cooking tools and techniques, and fresh seasonal foods. Use your five senses to create, garnish, and savor washoku, an intangible cultural heritage. Miso making experiences are also available.

Japanese Incense Ceremony Experience

Kodō, The way of Incense - Japanese Incense Ceremony Experience - WaNavi Japan.png

Indulge yourself in the way of Japanese incense that will take you into the world of graceful waka poetry. In Kodō, the act of smelling the fragrance is described as “listening” to the fragrance for in each incense, waka poems and stories are embedded within.

Japanese dance_wanavi.JPG

Traditional Japanese Dance Experience 

Mai -Traditional Japanese Dance Experience - WaNavi Japan.png

Express yourself through traditional Japanese dance. The movement, postures, and gestures of Japanese dance are very different from that of western dance forms. Enrich your expression and imagination through Japanese dance.

Shared Learning Experiences
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