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Workshops & Retreats

Authentic immersion experiences to reconnect with yourself and others in harmony

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For Corporations

Compassionate Leadership Retreat 

Compassion in leadership creates stronger connections between people, creating a safe space for higher levels of trust and collaboration. 

Our programs allow leaders to cultivate self-compassion in order to have genuine compassion and connection with others.


First, through an authentic Japanese culture experience, whether it be zen meditation or tea ceremony or flower arrangement, etc., participants unwind and quiet the mind to start to connect with themselves internally.

We dive into the wisdom of Eastern philosophy, zen in particular, and combine it with the method of Connection Practice.  


For Educational Institutions

Connections for Harmony Workshop 

Numerous studies show the benefits of social and emotional wellbeing in workplaces and schools. However, many organizations find it difficult to implement tools and practices that are practical and effective.


The Connection Practice is a skill that unites your empathy and insight to create harmonious relationships with yourself and others.

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We've worked with:

Willowbrook International School

Tokyo International School

Yokohama International School

Montessori School of Tokyo

International School of Asia, Karuizawa

Summerhill International School



Mitsubishi Fuso 



Schlumberger Ltd.
U.S. Investment Bank

Criteo Japan
Rakuten, Inc.

Guidewire Software

Hitotsubashi ICS MBA

Hitotsubashi University

Nagoya University

Tokyo International University

Globis University




Canadian Embassy

Finnish Embassy

Australian Embassy

Tokyo American Club

UFE (Union des Francais de l’Etranger)

Minato-ku Libra Gender Eqaulity Center

Minato-ku Bosai Festival

Azabu Gardens


We have conducted various types of workshops collaborating with municipal governments, embassies, corporations, parent associations, community associations, and international schools.

We customize our workshops based on your needs. To organize your Soft-landing into Life in Japan workshop, contact us.

and many more...

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